Application for Address

To apply for a 9-1-1 address for your new home, business, or other structure, please fill out this form and click Submit.

Within ten (10) working days after you submit your form, you will receive notice of your assigned address by telephone. A follow-up confirmation letter will be mailed to you at the current mailing address you provided on this form.

Important Notes

A 9-1-1 address for a new structure should be obtained before making arrangements for utility services. Utility companies (telephone, electric, gas, water, and so forth) will request a 9-1-1 address for structures to be served.

If you are not sure if you need a 9-1-1 address, check with the 9-1-1 Coordinator to make sure. Most structures will require an address if utilities are needed. An address is required: any time a new residence (of any kind) is to be built; when a mobile home is to be moved or setup on your property, or when any residential or business structure is moved. ALWAYS CHECK TO BE SURE IF YOU NEED A NEW ADDRESS OR TO CONFIRM AN ADDRESS.

Neighbor Information

To help us locate and address your new structure, please provide the name(s) of your nearest neighbor(s) and address(es), if known. These should be based on facing your structure from the road.

Sturcture Information

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