County Treasurer


Diane Wesson


Brittney Tessitore

101 East Cedar
Warren, AR 71671

Tel: 870-226-8402
Fax: 870-226-8401

I started to work in the Treasurer’s office in 2003 as Deputy. Upon the retirement of the Treasurer I ran for office in 2008 and was elected. I took office in 2009 and was reelected in 2010.

The County Treasurer is responsible for keeping an accurate account of the county’s financial status. Revenue the treasurer receives includes tax money from the tax collector’s office, State Land Redemption, Property Tax Relief, turnback, grant funds (state and federal), fees and fines from other county officials and departments, solid waste payments, and various other resources. Solid Waste payments are received in the treasurer’s office also.

The treasurer is also responsible for disbursing the tax money received to the correct taxing entities. The treasurer signs checks that are prepared in the county clerk’s office. These checks are called warrants. The treasurer keeps a stub from all checks filed in the office.

There are also bank accounts that must be balanced monthly. A ledger is kept in the treasurer’s office that contains deposits and checks written for the month. The balance in the ledger book should be the same as the bank statement balance.

The treasurer has to prepare monthly reports for the quorum court members to let them know of the county’s fiscal condition. The quorum court meetings are held the third Monday of every month, and are open to the public.

Once a year, the Division of Legislative Audit comes to audit each county office. This is to make sure our office is in compliance with the state laws. The findings for the treasurer’s office is kept in a file. These findings are corrected as quickly as possible.