Road Foreman

Danny Adair

1479 South Main
Warren, AR 71671

Tel: 870-820-9705
Fax: 870-226-8401

Road Department

Bradley County Road & Bridge Department mission is maintaining and building county roads and bridges. The first priority is maintaining county roads and bridges with the greatest traffic on a regular basis, while less traveled county roads and bridges being maintained on a less regular basis. We assist the Police, Sheriff’s Department and Emergency rescue crews during emergencies and disasters. Our team at the Road & Bridge Department take pride in our efforts to serve the tax payer’s of this county.

Bradley County Road & Bridge has many duties. They consist of:

  • Build underdeveloped county roads to meet new county standards.
  • Resurface existing hard surfaced county roads.
  • Patch potholes.
  • Grade and maintain gravel roads on a regular basis.
  • Haul base, gravel or rock to maintain gravel roads.
  • Tree removal off of county roads after storms.
  • Animal carcass removal from the middle of county roads.
  • Repair and maintain shoulders of the county roads.
  • Providing/Maintaining road signs such as street, stop, speed limit warning signs.
  • Cleaning and maintaining culverts and ditches.
  • Mowing and trimming of right-of-ways.

Please be aware of all burn bans before you begin to burn any leaves or brush. Residents are reminded that no trees, shrubbery, or other plantings may be placed within the right-of-way.